How to choose the perfect gift card

Gift cards may be the perfect gifts for many occasions. But do they prove good enough for the receiver? Obviously one has to ponder about many questions to come to a conclusion. The senders allow the receivers to select the gift according to their own choice. No mistakes are done and hence the necessity of a bad gift is completely eliminated. This way of giving gifts have proven to be an effective method in the recent years.

All the gift cards are not created equal and there are certain differences exist. Some cards may be better than their competitors. Many credit card companies are fierce competitors in this business. Users must do their homework properly to find out which could be the best card suiting their needs. Tailor made cards are available but should be properly researched before buying. The terms and conditions must be clearly understood. Here are few simple instructions which when followed might save a lot of money and give complete satisfaction for the users.

Understand the receiver

Potential buyers must think about the individual who is going to receive the card. The gift card must satisfy the receiver. The value and type of card should match the style, character and tastes of the receiver. Determine whether the card is to be store-specific or general-purpose. A store specific card can be more specific, close to heart.

Beware of the gift card fees

Few companies have the concept of “dormancy fees” which will be executed after 6 months of purchase. The fees have the potential to reduce the card value by $5 every month. It is not advisable to buy such kinds of cards as they might reduce the value of the gift card by almost half in a short span of time. Hence, it is a good habit to check for the dormancy fees before buying the card.

Beware of the gift card expiration dates

Almost all the cards issues by any companies will have an expiration date. If the receiver does not like a gift card, then there are of high probability that he may never open the gift cards. It is advised to shop cards which do not have expiration dates. Most companies have started issuing gift cards with no expiration dates. Receivers must be aware of the expiration date and must use it accordingly if it has one.

Choice of retailers

Almost every tom and dick has started issuing gift cards. The choice of retailer is so important. Small firms and other incompetent business models may get tight competition and vanish away in the new future. They might have their own problems with the technology, change of management and all other problems which might prevent them from nearing to success. Hence, it is always better to stick with the big giants and retailers. A gift card from a local best buy retailer can improve the values in the near future.

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