Interesting Gift card facts

Gift cards are the most requested gifts

  • followed by clothing, CDs/DVDs, games, toys, videos and books
  • more than 50% of consumers would like to recieve one
  • almost 70% of consumers plan to buy gift cards as gift
  • they are the second most given gift in United States
  • on average men spent more on gift cards than women

Why are gift cards so popular?

  • gift cards allow recipient to select their own gift
  • they are appropriate or all occasions
  • gift cards are easier to ship than classic gifts
  • they are also easier to buy
  • recipient don't have to deal with merchandise returning

There are two main types of gift cards

  • Open Loop cards that are issued by Visa, Mastercard, American Express ... and can be used anywhere were those cards are accepted
  • Closed Loop cards that are issued for specific stores only
  • sometimes there are also Hybrid Closed Loop cards when the issuer has bundled a number of closed loop cards (big malls often use them)

Unused Gift cards

  • on average everyone is United States have 5 unused gift cards
  • that's in total more than $8 billions of unredeemed gift cards
  • teens redeem more of their cards than adults
  • so search your drawers and check if the ones you have aren't expired

Other Gift card info

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