How to save money with gift cards?

At face value, a gift card is worth the same as cash. Given the resale trade in gift certificates and cards, however, itís possible to save quite a bit over what you would pay with cash or credit. A market for gift cards emerges when an individual wants to sell or exchange an existing gift card Ė in order to complete the transaction, the person often sells the credit at a discount relative to its exchange value, providing great bargains for shoppers looking to purchase at a particular store.

Buying discounted gift cards

One common form of purchasing gift cards is through informal networks: when friends no longer have a need for a particular card or certificate, theyíll often offer is to other friends at a reduced rate. Both parties come away happy, as they now have the form of exchange they need most. Extending this theme to broader networks, online communities and auction sites now allow individuals to trade and exchange gift cards.

One of the most common venues for gift card sales is at online auction sites: these sites allow individuals to post gift cards at fixed (buy it now) prices or at time-limited auctions. The result is that you can choose to buy or sell a gift card in exchange for a reduced price. Keep in mind that many auction venues, such as eBay, charge a transaction or fixed fee for sellers, but you can still get good values if itís hard to sell locally.

There are also several specialized sites which have emerged to offer discounted gift card exchanges at reduced rates. Since the sites specialize in gift card exchange, you can be assured that you'll get exactly what you need exact time: gift card exchange sites provide a means to connect buyers and sellers in real time. Major sites such as Plastic Jungle provide an interface where you can seek out gift cards for a particular store and set your own price. If you're seeking to just buy a new outfit, you can search for the best possible rate at a variety of stores; on the other hand, it's also possible to look for a particular store across multiple swaps or exchange sites. Many sites give you the option of trading gift cards - this way you can get the exact right card that you wanted in the first place.

Safe Online Gift Card Buying Tips

Always make sure that youíre trading at a reputable site and that you have assurances with the exchange. Major established sites such as eBay or Plastic Jungle have systems in place to protect buyers of gift cards, so you can be assured that youíre receiving what you intend to buy. Look at the sellersí feedback score to determine which sellers are reputable and deliver what they promise. There are great savings opportunities and a careful evaluation of which deal is most likely to go through will ensure that you come out ahead in the end. And there are also many possibilities to get gift cards for free

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